Guido Maria Kretschmer: These are the 4 most important styling rules for “more belly”

Ask Guido
These are the most important styling rules for “more belly”

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In our “Ask Guido” series, our readers contact the fashion icon directly. Today: Guido Maria Kretschmer gives styling tips for women with curves on their stomachs.

Wouldn’t we all like to have a personal Guido Maria Kretschmer? In our “Ask Guido” series, we come as close to this dream as possible. Whatever you’ve always wanted to know from Guido – be it styling advice, a decorating tip or help with other things – you’ll be helped here.

This time Guido is dedicated to Alexandra, who turns to the designer with a “problem area” that some of us are probably familiar with: over the course of life, the middle of the body tends to add one or two pounds of belly. And that feels so comfortable in our presence that, to use Alexandra’s words, it can’t be “magic away” so easily. Never mind, because Guido Maria Kretschmer has several fashion tips in store.

Ask Guido: How do I dress if I have “more belly”?

“Hello Guido.

I’m 172cm tall and have a big belly (you can’t magic it away, the rest will take time). At SQ, Guido says to emphasize the waist (…?….) with a belt. But that looks stupid to me. So, would you rather sack? 😉 Maybe there is an alternative in between.

Kind regards Alexandra”

That’s what Guido Maria Kretschmer says

“Yes, of course there are alternatives! For example, you can go for a high waist. But you should definitely not wear wide belts.

The big question, of course, is: What do breasts and legs do? So if you have narrow legs now, then it’s actually perfect: it’s very important that you taper down at the bottom and don’t spread the word about ‘more stomach’. That there are no hang-ups. No layers of ruffles, no large patterns that are particularly noticeable in the stomach area.

And you can still play with the waist a bit: by working with layering. Small, boxy jackets that end at waist height can be good because they create exactly this effect.

If you have a lot of breasts, you can do it beautifully by showing off your cleavaget. Statement jewelry can also look very nice.”

Guido’s no-gos

“So you shouldn’t rely on too much bright color in the middle. And it’s better not to go too far into the girlish doll image. Clean, modern, reserved stories are better.

If you were to wear skin-tight clothes, then shapewear is an advantage because it gives you a bit of a waistline. But of course be careful not to suffocate!


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