Guido Maria Kretschmer: This should be worn by women with a large bust

Guido Maria Kretschmer reveals
These tops look particularly good on women with a large bust

© John Phillips / Getty Images

Women with a large bust often find it a bit difficult to fashion. Guido Maria Kretschmer knows what is important in a luscious basket and how we perfectly stage our femininity.

Did God mean it well to you when it came to your bust size? Then don’t hide your great cleavage under wide and dark clothes. Instead, Guido Maria Kretschmer reveals how you can best showcase your breasts. Because in the end – regardless of the clothing requirements – only one thing is important: to emphasize your own advantages! So instead of throwing ourselves into the XXL top, we should be proud of our femininity – and show what we have, according to the star designer in his book ‘Attraction – style knows no size’.

The magic word is: emphasize the waist!

This works especially well with tops that emphasize the waist. Wrap blouses or dresses in particular conjure up a beautiful hourglass silhouette and a real dream cleavage. The same applies to corsages and narrow tops with a beautiful, not too deep V-neckline.

What many women with lush busts do not know – the hyped Carmen neckline also works great with large breasts. Here, however, it literally stands or falls with the right bra. And don’t worry: there are also strapless bras that offer sufficient support for large cups. But here you should definitely visit a specialist shop and get the right advice.

Wrap tops and Carmen blouses are the epitome of femininity. If you like it a little more casual, you are welcome to rummage in your partner’s closet and steal one of his shirts. It is best to tuck it loosely in the pants or knot it at the waist – the narrowest part of the body is emphasized again and a beautiful figure is modeled. Now open a few buttons – and hey presto, the cleavage also gets the appearance it deserves. Without revealing too much.

Sometimes the bust size can also move out of focus

Despite all the love for femininity, there are also days when we would like to hide our breasts under baggy clothes. Before we do that, however, Guido Maria Kretschmer has another tip ready: just divert attention! Eye-catching shoes, a sexy pencil skirt or crisp skinny jeans magically attract everyone’s attention – and our upper body has a little rest.