Guido Maria Kretschmer: You should ask yourself this before you join any trend

While we wear glittering slogan hair clips in one season, we set casual accents with cool sunglasses in the next. Fashion is fast moving – no one knows that better than star designer Guido Maria Kretschmer, who has just expanded his vision and sunglasses collection with classy optics. In the interview, he told us what, in his opinion, this spring shouldn't necessarily be worn by everyone and how you can quickly find out which trend parts you should really spend your money on.

There are no fashion no-gos!

Guido Maria Kretschmer is certain of one. There are no classic fashion no-gos these days. Fashion and the people who wear it have changed a lot. Trends still dictate which fashion we can shop in stores. However, we are no longer so quickly dictated what is in and what is out. We carry what we like, what has a certain value for us and above all what suits us!

Because Guido knows very well that not every trend suits everyone! The best example of this are the currently hyped micro-bags from Jacquemus, which every fashionista is currently displaying on her Instagram profile.

No wonder that brands like Monki, & otherStories and Zara are jumping on the hype and launching their own versions on the market. We can be sure of one, however, these bags are not practical. And Guido Maria Kretschmer also confirms our second suspicion – they don't suit everyone.

These mini micro bags are no longer really hip because they don't suit everyone. Big girls with such small pockets – I just can't do that!

Clearly, because with large and somewhat wider women, these mini bags simply go under too quickly. And honestly, who wants to walk through world history with such a micro bag? A lipstick just fits in there …

Furthermore, the designer advises, just because spring is just around the corner, not to go completely crazy in terms of color.

Color blocking is not the hippest style at the moment. Rather to play with the color and its shades.

Fashionista Leonie Hanne shows it perfectly. She grabs a color and chooses a different shade for each part of her outfit. So she succeeds in the colorful spring look perfectly!

Not every trend suits everyone!

Guido Maria Kretschmer does not set any fashion rules, but emphasizes when it comes to trends whether the parts really match your own body shape, hair and skin color or character.

Now there is a fashion on the way that will not suit everyone and not every body shape so perfectly. The little ones, a bit wider, struggle. They have to find their own style and just shouldn't let them drive them crazy!

With the simple question "Do I really care?"So unnecessary fashion faux pas can be avoided very easily. And we don't throw our money out of the window for nothing and again and again. We can only agree with Guido. Because when our outfit really suits us, we feel good well-being – and then we always look perfect, regardless of whether it's a trend or not.