Guido Maria Kretschmer’s best tips for concealing wide hips

No problem zone
“See your hips as a plus!”

© Matthias Nareyek / Getty Images

Wide hips are a problem? Not if we ask Guido Maria Kretschmer. The designer encourages women to see their hips as a good thing too.

When we stand in front of the mirror, a small two-letter word magically travels through our ear into our head. Suddenly we feel way too broad. Too small. Too thick. Too flat. Too dent. Too round. “To” is a nasty vocabulary that turns to likes to nest in our thinking and can even cloud our perception of ourselves until it really matters in the end to very meddlesome and cheerfully tramples on our self-confidence.

We often use the word to describe our problem areas. Even when we make friends with them, it stays with us, like a small insult that we keep throwing at ourselves. A lot would be done if we deleted the two letters in this context from our vocabulary. For example, what if tomorrow we stopped calling our hips too wide? Instead, just describe them as they are, and if they are broad, then broad, but that doesn’t mean that by a long shot to wide.

Guido Maria Kretschmer is a master at turning our supposed problem zones into power zones. We notice that immediately when we ask him about different body shapes in our interview. This time it’s about the hips, to which many a woman has a little love-hate relationship. His first answer doesn’t even have anything to do with fashion, but with acceptance – and even appreciation for our body: “Wide hips also make sense for women because nature wanted it that way. If they have a child, it has to also have space somewhere, the anatomy has already thought of something!”, Guido starts the conversation positively as usual.

When it comes to styling, the designer has a few, actually four, tips ready for everyday use. The first means above all: Please don’t hide anything! Especially not wide hips: “You should make sure that you don’t use them bashfully and hide them with long sweaters,” says Guido, and instead advises beautiful pieces that deliberately emphasize the middle of the body: “There are such beautiful pants with elastane , nice slim skirts that work with the waist.”

His second tip: go easy on accessories. “If you also have breasts, you can also work beautifully with belts, you can set highlights with large jewelry, you can do everything,” he motivates people to try something out. Statement jewelery can be a wonderful eye-catcher if you are not quite ready to put your hips in the foreground.

Another trick – lengthen the figure. This works best with a little heel: beautiful shoes are particularly important, because “they change the gait,” says Guido. Last but not least, he has a very elementary message that he wants to convey to people with wide hips: “Girls who have strong hips should learn to live with their hips and see them as a plus!” And if you learn to feel comfortable in your body, you will go through life much more exhilarated. If you still have trouble with it, simply turn the tables – and start with the movement: “If you have hips, you should shake them well,” says Guido and we think that sounds like a good start.


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