Guillaume Gouix separated from Fanny: this very pretty actress with whom he was in a relationship before Alysson Paradis

He has lived a spotless happiness, for many years, in the arms of Alysson Paradis. Guillaume Gouix even welcomed, with his partner, his first child, a little boy baptized Marcus, on September 1, 2015. And then a second child born this summer, whose sex and first name are still a secret. But before knowing this happiness, the actor would never have been able to guess what life had in store for him. There was a time when he was madly in love with another woman. Another blonde-haired beauty. Another sister. The former chosen one of his heart? A certain Fanny Touron.

Now 38, Fanny Touron is best known for the role of Camille, which she played in the first season of the series. Kabul Kitchen in 2012. Also known for starring in the comedy I kill myself to say it by Xavier Seron in 2016. French, of Russian origin, born in Paris, where she lived until she was 11 years old, Fanny Touron became an actress by taking her first drama lessons at the National Conservatory of the Nantes region. She is not content to aim for the small and the big screen. The piece she had created in 2018, A small M2 to existhad notably been performed at the Théâtre des Déchargeurs for several weeks.

I think it’s a good thing for an actor to be discreet about his private life.

For more details on the private side of this relationship… good luck to you. It’s quite simple, Guillaume Gouix has a holy horror of indiscreet questions and he almost never mentions his relationship with Alysson Paradis, even less the one he had with Fanny Touron. So if you venture to ask him about his 7-year-old son Marcus, watch your eyes! Maybe you’re interested, but I don’t want to talk to you about my baby, he explained point-blank to the Sunday newspaper. I like the idea that my life belongs to me. There are plenty of other things to tell. And then, beyond a certain modesty, I think it’s a good thing for an actor to be discreet about his private life. The message got through…

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