Guilty Gear: Strive, Fatal Baiken Samurai, Lap of the Kami Arena, and Combo Maker Mode dated

Last year, fans of versus fighting were able to lay their hands on Guilty Gear: Strive, the new baby ofArc System Works, who has not finished with him, quite the contrary. One Season Pass 1 has thus been born and has made it possible in recent months to add Goldlewis Dickinson, Jack-O’Valentine and Happy Chaos. The fourth character will not be new, far from it, since it’s beautiful Baiken who will return as announced in December. We were expecting it for the end of the month and it won’t be late since it has just been dated, supporting trailer delighting us with its new theme and its gameplay.

Trailer in English

Thereby, Baiken will be available to owners of the Season Pass 1 this Friday, January 28, while other players will have to wait three more days until Monday the 31st. The new arena Lap of the Kami accompanies it on the same dates, but can also be purchased separately from the 28th on Steam and from the 31st on PS5 and PS4. A description has been added to the official site and his introductory video showing us his techniques is already available, to see below.

Baiken (Mayumi Asano in Japanese)

  • Height: 162cm
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Blood type: B
  • Birthday: March 5
  • Origin: colony
  • Hobbies: drinking
  • Likes: losing everything
  • Dislikes: Tanuki statues

Wielding his opponent’s strength as his own. The indefatigable awakened samurai.

A Japanese-born swordswoman.

She heats up easily and is quick to call a fight. The type to take action before thinking, she sticks to her principles and does not back down from a disagreement until it is resolved. However, she can still recognize when the other party is right.

His right arm has a concealed weapon attached to it, as well as an artificial arm modified for attack. She swore revenge on That Man after suffering a serious injury and losing her friends and family during the Crusades.

Guilty Gear Strive 15 25 01 2022

Trailer in Japanese

If you don’t plan to spend a penny more in the game, know thata free update is going to be released on the 28th, adding the mode Combo Maker allowing us to create our own sequences of original moves and share them with the community, as already mentioned above.

Visuals of all these new features can be found on the next page. A fifth additional fighter is planned in the coming months with another stage and the story mode Another Story. Guilty Gear: Strive is currently sold from €39.79 on Amazon.

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