Guilty Gear Strive praised by the creator of the Mortal Kombat games

Ed Boon is one of the creators of two licenses that marked fighting games: Mortal Kombat and Injustice. While it’s not unusual to see him tweeting about other games, seeing him salute a brawling franchise remains rare. Yet it happened for Guilty Gear Strive. The tweet is simple but effective.

Ed Boon then defuses any potential rumors about a crossover between the two universes, but that doesn’t completely close the door. Several meetings between different licenses have started this way, with a few statements from one side or the other. When Sakurai (father of the Smash license) said that his dream would be to integrate Sora from Kingdom Hearts into Smash, he wasn’t lying. But today, Sora is well and truly arrived in Ultimate. In the more traditional universe of the FGC, some will remember old statements from Harada who said that he would love to collaborate again with Capcom so that their universes meet. Since Tekken 7, Akuma has officially integrated the Bandai-Namco license lore.

Indeed dear / dear reader / reader, there is not much to say about this tweet, apart from speculating and dreaming a little for the fans of the two licenses. Nevertheless, the editorial team considers it important to send you a very simple message: this declaration has been seen, and the next declarations will be monitored, especially since NetherRealm Studios should be preparing its new baby, since the announcement of the discontinuation of novelties on Mortal Kombat XI. If there is more to know, then you will be informed in due time.

That’s it, unfortunately we’re coming to the end of the content for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with the announcement of the very last character of the opus. A little hint, Square Enix lends a helping hand to Nintendo one last time!

We’ve been waiting for news from Arc System Works for some time on when Baiken, the fourth character in Season Pass 1 will be released. The publisher released its trailer this night, as well as a video showing part of its gameplay. A new stage and mode will accompany it.

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