Guilty Gear: Strive, the Another Story DLC dated, detailed and imaged, revealing Delilah’s appearance

Since last month, the players of Guilty Gear: Strive having fallen for the Season Pass 1 feature all the additional characters it has to offer, namely Goldlewis Dickinson, Jack-O’Valentine, Happy Chaos, Baiken and so Will. A Season Pass 2 will add 4 more in the future, but in the meantime there is still the Another Story DLC which we didn’t know much about, other than that it would feature the forgotten from the game’s storyline and would be released in late April.

Guilty Gear Strive Another Story 02 22 04 2022 Guilty Gear Strive Another Story 03 22 04 2022

Well, Another Story is now dated Friday, April 29 as announcement by Arc System Works. In particular, it will feature Ramlethal, May and Baikenand will finally introduce Delilah.

As the incident unfolds in America sparked by the surrender of Asuka R. Kreutz…

Special Squad Commander Ramlethal Valentine heads to the outskirts of Illyria after receiving an emergency report. There, she finds a girl who looks a lot like “Bedman”, who once worked with the Universal Will against humanity.


A young girl who woke up from a long sleep. She has been living in a dream since birth due to a unique condition caused by her brain’s inability to withstand her exceptional intelligence and abilities. As she has just woken up, she lacks a solid understanding of common sense and social skills. His one and only motive is to avenge his brother’s life.

Guilty Gear Strive Another Story 04 22 04 2022 Guilty Gear Strive Another Story 05 22 04 2022 Guilty Gear Strive Another Story 06 22 04 2022

For latecomers, Guilty Gear: Strive can be bought €29.99 on Amazon.

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