Gülcan Kamps: This statement heats the mind

Gülcan Kamps, 37, regularly lets her fans take part in her private life via Instagram. Now the presenter is posting a picture showing her belly and noting that she has gained a few pounds due to the quarantine resulting from the coronavirus. However, this weight update triggers mixed feelings among her followers.

Gülcan Kamps: She has "gained 3 kilos"

"Now we have the salad. In the Corona quarantine, I did not always look at the calories and now I gained 3 kilos," says Gülcan Kamps on her Instagram profile. She was amazed at the rapid weight gain, since the quarantine only lasted "a few weeks". Now she just had to do sports to lose the extra pounds. To visually support her statement, she pulls up her top in the picture and presents her seemingly changed belly.

She noticed the three kilos in particular because her "jeans made themselves felt a few times" with "pinch and tweak". She also asks her fans to keep her fingers crossed as she intends to get rid of the quarantine kilos by July: "If I can get rid of the extra kilos, there will be super beautiful bikini pictures! And if I can't do it .. .Pictures in a wrap dress ".

Gülcan's fans react with mixed feelings

The opinions of their followers are reflected in the very different comments. The majority of their fans are friendly, which can be seen in comments such as "I think everyone can do that". In addition, many users express their courage by noting that, despite the additional kilos, they look great or still have a "bombshell". However, Gülcan’s revelation is not understood by some fans. A user writes: "I wonder what you have, you can't see that something has happened". Either way, it is only important that Gülcan Kamps feels comfortable in her body again.

Source used: Instagram

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