Gülcan Kamps: "Yesterday was the worst day in my life"

Great concern for Gülcan Kamps! The 37-year-old presenter turned to her followers on Instagram and announced shocking things there.

Great concern for Gülcan Kamps

She opened her posting with the worrying words: "Yesterday was the worst day in my life so far!" Sebastian Kamps' wife, 38, further explains that she has been in the hospital intermittently since last Thursday (March 26) and would be "in shock".

"It was like a nightmare trying to wake up," she writes on her social media page.

And further: "Some things in life will never be understood and you have to accept it that way. It is all a very long story and I hope that at some point I will have the strength to talk to you about it." But the time had not yet come.

What happened to Gülcan Kamps?

What exactly happened to Gülcan Kamps now, or what her current state of health is, remains largely open – and the fans are very worried. "Please understand for the moment. I'm just not strong enough to open myself emotionally like that. And to be honest I'm also very sad!" The fans get at least a little clue: Thank God, Gülcan Kamps is NOT in mortal danger. "But I want to let you know that it is nothing chronic, nothing life-threatening and it has nothing to do with the pandemic. I have been treated by fantastic doctors and nurses and I am very grateful for it." Of course, fans of Gülcan Kamps are now very worried about the happy TV nature, which makes their health a big secret. "Sometimes life is terrible" are additional hashtags that she uses in her caption post that don't exactly calm down followers. We wish Gülcan Kamp get well soon, all the best and send her a lot of strength in the bad times.

Source used: Instagram

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