Guy Carlier emaciated: this photo that worries: Current Woman The MAG

Guy Carlier has been fighting obesity for years. The famous French columnist finally won this fight by losing 125 kilos in the space of 10 years. This is what he had confided in his book Minus 125, released in 2019: "I definitely killed the monster in me, who kept asking for food, the day I understood that before saying I love you to others, I first had to learn to love myself ", he had revealed. Visibly very motivated, Guy Carlier has finally achieved his goal, according to his post on Twitter, shared on Sunday July 26, 2020: "Okay, I look stupid, but I can finally put on that Monaco jersey that Michel Hidalgo gave me", he wrote in the caption of a photo.

Concerned fans

Dressed in a Monegasque club jersey, the 71-year-old man holds a Paris Saint-Germain football in his hands. In another publication, we can see him from behind, with the flocked jersey "Carlier 10". In legend, he showed self-mockery by writing"It's XL. A year ago I wore 4XL … 10 years ago it would have been necessary to cut the swimsuit in a yurt canvas". If he is now very happy, the father of YouTuber Carlito has received congratulations from a good number of his subscribers. However, many are worried about the leanness of the columnist.

It did not take more to see appear in the comments of Internet users concerned about his health. "He looks stupid, no, but looks tired, yes … Guy, please, 1/2 Carlier less, that's already very good, but 3/4 Carlier less, that's is not necessary! Really ! ","I agree with certain opinions in the responses which believe they detect a hint of weakening. 1/2 Guy is already good, 2 Carlier is too much! Take good care of yourself… "," Mr. Carlier, you don't look in great shape … take care of yourself … I don't like to see you like that ... ", can we read in the comments.

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