Gwyneth Paltrow: Three generation photo with their mother and daughter

Gwyneth Paltrow gets prominent support for her new fashion collection – from her mother Blythe Danner and daughter Apple Martin.

Three generations united: Gwyneth Paltrow (47, "Shakespeare in Love") shared a special photo on Instagram. Then she presents herself with her mother Blythe Danner (77, "My wife, her in-laws and I") and daughter Apple Martin (16). The three women are wearing summer dresses and Paltrow comments on the picture with the matching heart emojis.

Pop color and dots

While Paltrow presents a polka-dot two-piece in black and white, her mother wears a bright pink dress. Apple Martin has slipped into a white dress with black dots. She hugs her grandma very lovingly. The dresses come from the new fashion collection from G. Label, which belongs to Paltrow's company Goop.

Just recently the three family members sat down at a table and talked at length about things like beauty, aging and self-confidence. When Apple asked what age she felt most beautiful, Paltrow replied that it was her late thirties.