GZSZ: revealed! Does Alex die on his world tour?


Slowly, the fans of Alexander have to adjust to the fact that his departure will be dramatic. Since it became known that Alex actor Clemens Löhr, 52, is leaving the popular series, fans have speculated on how he will be written out of the script. Most are certain: Alex dies.

For a few days now, the GZSZ preview has shown how the series continues with Alex. He and Maren are planning a trip around the world! A dream that the two finally fulfilled. All's well that ends well? Unfortunately, no.


Alex has been suffering from a persistent cough for a long time. There is also Maren's nightmare, in which she saw a person in the coffin. And finally the cross in a cemetery called Alejandro. Could the trip around the world be Alexander's last wish before his death? At least that would be a forgiving farewell for the figure …

This article originally appeared on Gala.de.