GZSZ: Type change – eight hours of work for Maren's new hairstyle

Eva Mona Rodekirchen considered this radical change of type for her role.

Eva Mona Rodekirchen: "Maren" has a new hairstyle

Eva Mona Rodekirchen, 44, is going through a difficult time in her role as "Maren" at GZSZ. If she just had to carry her beloved husband Alex to the grave, it now seems as if he took a secret with him into his death. So a type change is needed – and that's exactly why the actress was at the hairdresser's yesterday.

"As Eva, I wanted a new hairstyle – after 700,000 years," jokes the blonde in an interview with RTL. The change in type of Maren took a whole eight hours, but according to Rodekirchen it seems to have been worth it: "I feel really good in any case! The new hairstyle is of course very different from before. But you have to deal with that now," she jokes .

Eva Mona Rodekirchen is now platinum blonde.
© TVNOW – Benjamin Kampehl

The actress shares a picture of her visit to the hairdresser on Instagram without showing the result – but die-hard fans have already seen what Maren looks like today. "That looks sooooo great," one of them commented on her latest post. "I just saw it on TV. Correct, guuuutttt, looks great," says another. We also really like Maren's new hairstyle!

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