Gzuz: The court sentenced the rapper to one and a half years in prison


Rapper Gzuz has been sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment and a fine. Allegedly they want to go into revision against it.

Kristoffer Jonas Klauss (32), better known by his rapper name Gzuz, has been sentenced to a year and six months in prison by the Hamburg District Court. The member of the hip-hop group 187 Strassenbande violated the gun law, he was also accused of drug possession and bodily harm. With the sentence of 18 months imprisonment without parole, the judge in charge even went beyond the 14 months imprisonment without parole demanded by the public prosecutor's office.

The court also imposed a fine totaling 510,000 euros, made up of 300 daily rates of 1,700 euros each. According to the "Bild" newspaper, the rapper and his lawyer are said to have already announced that they will appeal this verdict. Since June of this year, the musician had to answer before the Hamburg court.