Habeck’s political style “ridiculous”: Kretschmer compares the traffic lights to the GDR

Habeck’s political style “ridiculous”
Kretschmer compares the traffic lights to the GDR

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A new state parliament will be elected in Saxony at the beginning of September. Prime Minister Kretschmer wants his CDU to win – and that it doesn’t have to govern with the Greens. The politician accuses the traffic lights in Berlin of having a “disastrous” economic policy and draws a historical comparison.

Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer accuses the traffic light coalition of making serious mistakes in economic policy. In an interview with the Düsseldorf “Rheinische Post” the CDU politician said: “This is now reminiscent of the GDR. There was disastrous economic policy, the consequences were covered up with debt and then the state was bankrupt.” He wanted “us to get out of this crisis,” added Kretschmer. “But we are adopting a completely misguided economic policy that is causing us to lose complete economic power.”

When asked whether the Union would be willing to cooperate with the Chancellor again, Kretschmer replied: “Yes, absolutely. The current economic situation calls for a course correction.” With regard to the special fund brought into discussion by Economics Minister Robert Habeck, Kretschmer emphasized: “We are seeing an Economics Minister who stands up and says that we should think about it. That’s ridiculous. What kind of political style is that?”

In view of the upcoming state elections on September 1st, Saxony’s Prime Minister said that he wanted to avoid working with the Greens as much as possible. CSU boss and Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder had previously made similar comments. Kretschmer told the newspaper that his goal was “for the CDU to become the strongest force again and for us to be able to form a stable government from the middle class. I also want to avoid a government coalition with the Greens. Also in the federal government.” It is difficult to govern with the Greens, added Kretschmer. “We need a reorganization of the energy transition, the traffic light coalition has failed.”

The Prime Minister also confirmed the CDU’s no to any cooperation with the AfD or the Left as well as the Sahra Wagenknecht alliance. When asked whether he expected AfD leader Tino Chrupalla to run against him as the top candidate in the state elections in Saxony, Kretschmer replied: “He reacted very quickly – it seemed slightly panicked – when this news came across the news agencies and your own remigration to Saxony is excluded.”

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