Hack for sleek styles: No more uneven hairstyles

Hack for sleek styles
Thanks to the hairpin, a smooth hairstyle without bumps

A sleek hairstyle is easy to create with this tip.

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The sleek style is the perfect hairstyle when things have to go quickly. But you know what takes a long time? Having to redo it again and again because the hair doesn’t lie straight. For this mishap we will now show you a very simple hack.

Sleek hairstyles have been trending for years and we can’t imagine a world without them in the future. But sometimes the braid doesn’t work out quite as well as we imagined: the hair on the head stands on end, small hills destroy the aesthetics of the smooth look. We’ll show you how you can easily fix the bumps on the top of your head with a hair clip without having to redo the entire ponytail.

Hack for sleek styles: Easily touch up any unevenness with a hairpin

We love the sleek look for elegant occasions, or when laundry day was actually yesterday. With a hairbrush with wild boar bristles and a little gel Hairstyle is smooth in no time and sits sleekly on the top of the head. But when everything is groomed and lies almost perfectly, the difficult part comes: can you twist the lengths into a bun or form a ponytail? unsightly bumps arise. Small hills destroy the overall look of your look. We can’t just accept that – and that’s why we have an ingenious hack for which you only need a hairpin.

The trick is very simple: In the first step, you do your braid as usual and try to style your hair as sleekly as possible. Again: a boar bristle brush and a good gel will help you with this. The next step remains the same and you form your bun and secure it with an elastic. Twisting your hair is now usually the moment that destroys your perfect sleek look – small bumps form. Instead of opening the braid, you now use a simple one Hairpinshe pushes under the uneven strand and combs out the mound with gentle movements. Simply follow the direction of your hair strand. Repeat this process until everything is sleek. Voila! It’s that easy to save even more time on your favorite hairstyle.

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