“Had no more symptoms”: Lauterbach rejects allegations of isolation requirements

“No more symptoms”
Lauterbach rejects allegations of isolation requirements

Because of a statement by Karl Lauterbach about his corona disease, a complaint was filed against him – he is said to have violated the obligation to isolate. But the Federal Minister of Health rejects the allegations. He no longer had any symptoms, he says.

Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach defends himself against the accusation that he ended his corona isolation too early. Several politicians had raised this accusation after the Social Democrat said after his illness that he was not quite fit and was in the cabinet the day after. The background is the Berlin Corona rules, which prescribe 48 hours of freedom from symptoms before you can end the isolation.

But he no longer had any symptoms, no sore throat or headaches, but simply wasn’t fit, Lauterbach told the “Spiegel”. He had tested negative 48 hours before he ended the isolation – three times.

The Ministry of Health had previously rejected the allegations in a statement. “The minister was symptom-free for 48 hours before he visited the cabinet on Wednesday,” it said when asked by “Welt”.

Lauterbach finds demand legitimate

“It is quite right to be asked whether I have broken isolation rules,” said Lauterbach. “Because if you do that, you endanger your fellow human beings,” he explained. “We have to stick to the isolation rule,” said Lauterbach. Otherwise people with symptoms would go into the office and employers could put pressure on their employees accordingly. “We can’t want that.”

Former Berlin MP Marcel Luthe had filed a complaint against Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach. He accuses him of having ended his isolation prematurely. “The principle of equal treatment requires the case to be publicly clarified and Mr. Lauterbach to be held accountable,” argues Luthe. Otherwise, all other citizens would also have to be left alone.

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