Hainer: “Analyze very carefully”: FC Bayern learns from the chaos of the gathering

Hainer: “Analyze very precisely”
FC Bayern learns from the chaos of the gathering

After the chaotic annual general meeting of FC Bayern Munich initially left Herbert Hainer and Uli Hoeneß shocked, at least the president of the football championship now wants to deal with the events. Hainer strives for a new way of communicating with members.

President Herbert Hainer wants to learn from the emotional annual general meeting of FC Bayern Munich. “We are analyzing very precisely how this course of the annual general meeting could come about,” said Hainer to the “kicker”. “We will learn from this, and it is clear that we will rethink and intensify communication with our members.”

The 67-year-old, who was confronted with boos and “Hainer out” calls from several members on Thursday evening, especially because of the dispute over the issue of Qatar sponsorship, reported that he said that “the three members who no longer came to speak, contacted them directly and invited them for an interview, “he said.

According to the report, two of these prevented speakers wanted to comment on the Qatar issue, one had the campus as its topic. “A constructive exchange is important to me,” said Hainer, Uli Hoeneß’s successor.

“I have to sleep on that first”

FCB member Michael Ott, whose spontaneous motion to vote on the termination of the controversial partnership with the airline Qatar Airways was rejected by the club’s management by 2023 at the latest with reference to the decision made by the District Court of Munich I, previously reported a call from the president on Twitter. “We briefly exchanged information about the AGM and stayed that way that we will have a personal conversation about Qatar and the AGM,” he wrote.

A horrified Uli Hoeneß had already stood at the lectern at the annual general meeting. But the honorary president, who had watched the unprecedented chaos of a few seats next to the also persevering coach Julian Nagelsmann for hours in silence, left the podium after a short time without a word. “We are Bayern – and you are not,” the indignant members had called – and also: “We are the fans you don’t want.” The disturbed and stunned Hoeneß told the “kicker” when he left the meeting place: “I have to sleep on that first. That was the worst event I have ever seen at Bayern.”

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