Hair: 3 tips for flawless bangs all day long: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Monica Bellucci, Charlotte Casiraghi… All of them let themselves be tempted by the bangs! the latter is back in fashion and is seen everywhere but it requires hair routine adapted. Indeed, during the day, it can grease, flatten, lose its original shape… Discover 3 tips to keep it intact and clean.

1 / Make a brushing that holds

Brushing the bangs is essential if you want your lock to be soft and silky. Get a round brush and put your bangs on it, then twist it while blowing your hair dryer downwards. Consider using a concentrator tip (or nozzle) so that the air is well directed on your bangs. Also note that it is advisable to make a brushing rather than using plates if you want a natural result and with volume.

2 / Adapt your facial skincare routine

The bangs rest on your forehead and that's why this one can have tendency to grease easier. Indeed, if your day cream is too rich, your hair can absorb excess material and become fat. The solution ? Well wait that the care penetrates before letting go of your bangs!

3 / Use dry shampoo

This product is perfect for spacing out shampoos a day or two and will be a hit with women who have adopted bangs. We touch it, we re-style it … And de facto, it will grease faster. You can therefore use dry shampoo on it to remove excess sebum and restore movement. Be careful, however, dry shampoo does not replace a real wash.

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