hair removal "with the means available" from Ava

Koh Lanta candidate Ava drew attention last Friday. The adventurer wanted to get rid of her armpit hair. Without a razor or hair removal wax, the young woman found a rather original (but very dangerous) technique.

Life is very different on an adventure like Koh Lanta. Candidates are faced with hunger, exhaustion, but also a different hygiene than what we know. Finally, everything relating to aesthetics is also left aside. For some people, however, this remains one of their priorities, despite being isolated in Fiji. This is for example the case of Ava who drew all the attention on her this Friday evening, October 30.

Dangerous hair removal

Little present on the screen, the young Corsican still made a lot of talk during the last episode of Koh Lanta. The cameras actually filmed her waxing. But of course, and as you would imagine, Ava didn't have a razor or hair removal wax available. The young woman then had to find a completely different technique. A technique for the less dangerous!

“I am burning a piece of wood to practice waxing the armpits with the means at hand” she said on screen. We then see Ava set fire to a branch and pass the flame to her armpits. His hairs are thus burnt… and disappear. "Since I have hair under my arms, it doesn't burn my skin, I can stay far enough! It's so long …" she said. Of course, it did not take more to shake the twittosphere which had a lot of fun with the sequence.

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Video by Juliette Le Peillet

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