Hair trick: Viviane Geppert reveals her secret for healthy hair

TV star Viviane Geppert reveals her secret for healthy hair – and we should all know that!

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If we women have one thing in common, it is the desire for beautiful and healthy hair. One who won the jackpot in terms of mane is presenter Viviane Geppert. So it's no wonder that we asked very carefully about your care routine …

If you can be jealous of a head of hair on German television, then it is definitely Viviane Geppert's. The presenter pulled the jackpot when it came to mane. But your long and thick hair also needs care in order to stay healthy and shiny. We spoke to the ProSieben star and coaxed all of his hair tricks out of him. And so much in advance: We can do it all!

Because Viviane's hair routine is one thing above all else: simple! Instead of treating her hair with countless products or treating it daily with straightening irons, curling irons, etc., the presenter concentrates on the essentials of her long dream hair. True to the motto "less is more", she relies on treating her hair with care.

I try not to blow-dry or curl my hair too often and when I do, I always use heat protection. In addition, I usually only wash my hair every four to five days and leave a rich mask on every time so that the lengths are maintained. I prefer to bridge over with dry shampoo than wash too often.

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Proper care is the be-all and end-all, because, especially in her job as a moderator, her hair has to go through a lot. In order for her long dream mane to survive the constant styling unscathed, the TV star privately relies on an old household trick. In an interview with Viviane reveals:

Once a month I leave coconut oil on overnight. This is a great cure for the hair. I also make sure to eat healthily and also not to stress the hair too much.

In addition to dry shampoo and heat protection, a rich oil is also used. Gently massaged into the tips, it nourishes the hair intensively and thus effectively protects long hair in particular from dry ends and split ends.