Hairstyle styling: These before and after transformations blow our minds – do you too?

Shorter, longer, wilder, different colour… We invited various women to the studio for a hairstyle before and after – including with TV stylist Boris Entrup. Lots of inspiration for new looks! And there are also the best tips for coloring yourself.

Before and after: These hairstyles suit you perfectly!

New hairstyle, new styling, completely different guy! We asked women for hairstyle makeovers – and these are the sensational results!

That BRIGITTE before and after has enjoyed great popularity for decades. Putting yourself in the hands of a beauty team and having your hair and make-up styled by real professionals is the dream of many women. The BRIGITTE colleagues are at work, who otherwise take care of the large photo productions in the print department and ensure that international models are perfectly staged.

New hairstyle – dare!

Sometimes you’ve been toying with the idea of ​​a completely new hairstyle for years, but just don’t dare. The step from long to short is too big, and the question of whether the new hairstyle really suits you is too dominant. We also like to have a hard time choosing a new hair color. Usually we only lighten our natural hair color by a few nuances, we rarely dare a complete change from blonde to brown, from brown to red. We can easily find our ideal hair color by determining our skin tone and taking our eye color into account when choosing the right shade. If you don’t have the opportunity to let the beauty professionals do it, you can follow our tips. We have the best ideas and beautiful haircuts for brown hair, blonde hair, red hair and black hair. With our hair coloring tips, you can even find the perfect shade for you at home. For the hair color blonde, for example, we have great products and super tips for coloring your own hair in our article “Bleaching hair”. Also everything about the hair coloring technique Balayage and Ombré Hair,

Decide individually – the hair type is important!

But of course the hair structure is also decisive for the look. Anyone who usually wears curls can achieve a total type change by using the straightening iron or blow-drying the hair straight with a large round brush. Who has straight, thin hair, desperately needs some volume (we’ve rounded up the best volume tips in a special). Good results can be achieved with a round brush, curling iron, papillotes, curlers or a diffuser attachment for the hair dryer. The perm is also celebrating its big comeback this year! It is also important to choose the right styling product. Mousses, salt spray, sugar spray and volume sprays for fine hair and curls are suitable for adding volume to hair. Styling products such as wax, gel, oil and smoothing sprays bring order to tangled hair and tend to weigh it down. Choosing the wrong hair care product or styling product can make fine hair even flatter and thick hair even more stubborn.

Planned makeover? Searching for help!

The lesson of most makeovers is that many women would never have dared to do it themselves. Obviously, we’re so locked into our beauty routine and have our looks so tightly defined that we’re having trouble embarking on an optical adventure. Sometimes you need an independent expert who comes up with fresh ideas. Maybe it helps to ask a new friend how she imagines the best hairstyle or another look for us? Finding a hairdresser who has a good eye and gives you the best advice is of course the most important thing. We give you tips on how to find a good hairdresser!

Small ideas – big before and after effects

It doesn’t always have to be a whole new hairstyle and a whole new hair color – sometimes even small things are enough to make a whole new guy out of us. A popular trick to style the hairstyle differently is to move the parting. Instead of a side part, try a center part or place the part on the opposite side. We have tips on which parting looks better on you and show you hairstyles with a center part and hairstyles with a side part for inspiration. With hair accessories and clips, you can easily create great hairstyles yourself, even for short hairstyles. We also have instructions for you on how you can easily make updos yourself, and we also have great ideas for short hair in our article Updos for short hair.

Even tiny ideas like a new lipstick in a color that we’ve always found too bright, a hairpiece that we’ve always found silly, or perfectly plucked eyebrows can pimp up our everyday looks. It is important that we find a style with which we feel comfortable – and not disguised. We collect ideas for our own look by being inspired by others – we mostly do this through pictures. Photo series and postings on blogs and social media portals such as Instagram, Pinterest and Co serve as sources. Or we find inspiration in our everyday life from friends or women whose looks impress us on the street. Important: Stay open to new ideas and willingness to change. Then you can have a great before and after!

Don’t be shy!

Hair expert Lars Nicolaisen (Nicolaisen Intercoiffure Hamburg city palace) styled our before and after hairstyles. He reveals the most important tips – and what is important when it comes to radical type changes.

The man knows his stuff. On the one hand, because he is the third generation to run the family’s three well-known Hamburg salons and do his hair at events and shows. On the other hand, because his customers can get a before and after styling lasting several hours (“New You”) in the “Stadtpalais”, the newest Nicolaisen location.

BRIGITTE: If you don’t live in Hamburg, how do you even find the right hairdresser for a type change?
Lars Nicolaisen: It’s best to find out what the store stands for. What do the employees look like and what do the customers look like? Are there more glamorous hair dryer styles? Or rather hipster looks? Or can I get a quick cut for little money? Whereby: A cheap cut does not have to be bad in itself. But a type change takes time and experience.

may i say what i want
Clear! Don’t be shy and describe what you have in mind as specifically as possible. Also, with what feeling you want to go out. And if you are unsure: calmly share private information. Whether you do a lot of sport or go swimming every day, have little time in the morning or no talent for styling. If you have to adhere to a special dress code at work, if necessary go in a costume or suit – hairdressers also take this into account. And just don’t hide your own wedding in three months or the start of your job the next day. A radical makeover can be unsettling to others, to say the least. In this case, most hairdressers would recommend an intermediate step.

What if I feel like “he doesn’t understand me”…
Ask the barber to summarize what was said. We call it “picking up the `yes'”. And if you’re still stuck, get up and go.

Before I don’t like my new look at all…
Exactly. But it is also important to give the hairstyle a chance to develop. After ten days or a few washes, the hair has usually settled. If it still isn’t right, it’s better to visit your hairdresser and ask for more styling tips.

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