Hairstyle trend: French women love French girl hair in 2021 – and so do we!

Trend hairstyle à la française
French women love French girl hair – bet you too?

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Whether clothing, hair or make-up – when it comes to style, the French simply set the tone. The latest proof: the so-called French Girl Hair aka the coolest hairstyle for 2021.

It’s an open secret – we love the French women and their unique sense of fashion. But not only when it comes to wardrobes do our neighbors have powdered noses, we are also only too happy to be inspired when it comes to hair. With this in mind: Say Bonjour to French Girl Hair!

Super stylish and casual at the same time – that probably best describes the trend hairstyle 2021. The basis for the favorite hairstyle of It girls like Jeanne Damas or Sabina Socol is a long bob, which shouldn’t be too accurate. But the bob is only half the battle of the French girl hair. The girlish twist is provided by a fringed pony that falls loosely over the forehead and looks like a fountain of youth. We only say one thing: Oui, oui, oui!

We leave French Girl Hair to a professional

Sounds easy? Unfortunately it is not! French girl hair is definitely not suitable for hands-on at home. Because as imperfect as the cut looks, it has to be cut perfectly. Instead of a sharp edge, the tips are shaped with a knife in such a way that a slightly frayed look is created. The hair looks lighter and gets that typical French nonchalance.

The real supreme discipline, however, is the pony. The special thing about it: it practically fuses with the rest of the hair. However, manual skills are required for this effect. The sides of the fringes are longer than the front part and lie gently on the cheekbones. This creates a flowing transition that looks super casual. In addition, the longer the hair in general, the longer the side section of the pony can be.

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This is how you style French girl hair

We leave the cut to the professionals, you don’t need a master’s degree in hairdressing for styling. French women refrain from working their hair for hours and prefer to let their mane air dry. If you don’t want to do without the extra portion of volume, you can blow-dry your hair loosely in all directions. Just make sure that your hair doesn’t lose its out-of-bed character. An accurate hairstyle is not part of the French girls’ styling repertoire! Now something else Texture spray into your hair, wuffle everything briefly with your fingers – et volià!

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