Hairstyles you can create without tools

Without hair tie & Co.
These hairstyles do not require any tools

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In summer we are out and about a lot, enjoying the sun, meeting up with friends for a barbecue or going for walks. Then when the hair gets annoying or you want to create a new look, these hairstyle ideas are perfect. Why? You don’t need a hair tie or other tools.

Long hair can quickly become annoying in summer. Especially when we don’t have a hair tie handy. However, there are a few hairstyles that you can easily style on the go that require nothing more than your hair.

The plait without a hair tie

Braided hairstyles are particularly popular, as they can be quickly and easily integrated into the styling without much effort or prior knowledge. And the best of all: A braided hairstyle also holds without a hair tie. As? You only have to pay attention to one tiny detail when braiding. While you take your three strands alternately from right to left in the middle, the lower hair should not represent separated sections but should be deliberately knotted together. It is therefore important that you do not pull your strands apart all the way down, but let them knot them automatically. When you get to the end, pull the lower end of the strand of hair right under the knot, so to speak, through the small hole that has formed between the first and second strand. The braided hairstyle lasts all day! The video contains detailed step-by-step instructions.

Herringbone braid without a hair tie

You can also easily create a herringbone braid without a braid. For this you put your hair on one shoulder side. Use your thumb and forefinger to make a hole in the middle and pull your hair through it. This holds quite well, but for the ultimate hold you repeat this process several times. It is important that you always create a new hole with your index finger and thumb through which you pull the braid – never use the hole through which the hair has already been pulled. Do this until you get to the ends of your hair.

A bun without a hair tie

Especially in hot temperatures, a classic bun is perfect for quickly and easily pinning your hair up. To make it work without a hair tie, you should twist your hair into a strand. You can wind it up close to the back of your head like a snail. You can already see the bun. However, to ensure that it stays in place, try to form a small hole in the middle of the bun with your index finger and thumb, through which you then pull the end of the twisted braid. Then pull it very tight – that creates a hold. If a few hair tips stick out, you can easily hide them in the bun.


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