Halo: Filming is on – ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Star Joins the Cast of Season 2


Halo Season 2 has started filming. Two actors join the cast of the series for the new episodes. We already know one from “Vampire Diaries”.

"Halo" a series of Paramount+

“Halo” a series by Paramount+ (Source:

  • Filming for the second season of “Halo” started in Iceland on Wednesday.
  • ‘Vampire Diaries’ actor Joseph Morgan will join the cast of Season 2 along with Cristina Rodlo.
  • “Halo” is based on the video game series of the same name available for the Xbox and can be viewed in Germany on Sky and WOW.

‘Vampire Diaries’ star Joseph Morgan joins the cast of Season 2 of ‘Halo’ along with actress Cristina Rodlo (‘No One Gets Out Alive’). Filming for the Paramount+ series began Wednesday in Iceland and is scheduled to move to Budapest, Hungary at a later date.

Joseph Morgan will play veteran secret agent James Ackerson in Halo. An aspiring soldier, he has had an impressive career in the ranks of the UNSC.

Cristina Rodlo plays Corporal Talia Perez, assigned to the UNSC Marine Corps communications unit, beginning in season two. Perez is still a relatively new recruit who hasn’t actually been on the field yet.

Set in the distant future of the 26th century, “Halo” is about an all-out war between humanity and the Covenant Alliance, an alien threat. An army of super soldiers led by Master Chief John-117 (Pablo Schreiber) is dispatched to deal with the conflict.

The series is based on Microsoft’s video game series of the same name. Since 2020, showrunner and executive producer David Wiener has been producing the series on behalf of Paramount+. For his series, Wiener got the support of well-known directors such as Steven Spielberg, among others.

The first season “Halo” can be viewed in Germany on Sky Atlantic or the streaming provider WOW.

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