Halo Infinite: gameplay for Co-op mode and mission replay, finally in beta

Franchise Halo owes part of its success to the campaigns playable in multiplayer from the first episodes. 343 Industries had promised that it would make it possible to traverse the history with several in Halo Infinitebut the feature has been pushed back several times, as has the mode Forge.

But the developers are moving forward and have finally launched a network test to allow you to try online games up to 4. The beta is available by invitation for members Halo Insider via Steamto subscribers Game Pass equipped with Gold on consoles, and to buyers of the campaign of Halo Infinite on Xbox and the Microsoft Store. It will be playable until August 1st, and only allows neither to import its progress from a game in progress nor to carry that of the test in our future adventure together.

For now, when the Fireteam Leader launches a game, players joining it must associate their account for the game to offer a session whose content reflects the progress of the group. Thus, if a member has not found a collection object in his individual part, the group will be able to find it in cooperation and it will then be added to the collection of all those who did not have it: if he had it already all, it will not appear on the screen. Likewise, gear pieces, upgrades, and weapon variants will remain unlocked for individual players in co-op sessions, even if not all team members have unlocked them yet.

The beta is also an opportunity to test functionality Mission replayallowing at any time to go back to a mission already carried out by choosing the difficulty and our Skulls. We will bring all our unlocked equipment and weapons there, and return to our current campaign as soon as the objective is reached, or by choosing to return to our main mission via the TacMap. This feature and gameplay in online co-op were shown by the developers during a recent live stream.

For memory, 343 Industries also plans to add local co-op to 2 by the end of the year, but it will take patience to approach it. Until then, Halo Infinite is available from €25.99 on Amazon.co.uk.

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