Hand cream test: 7 products in the ultimate comparison

Hand creams are a dime a dozen. In our hand cream test we give you an overview and have selected exactly the products that each of you needs!

Tender hands, large hands, broad hands, long hands – they all enjoy a certain amount of care so that they always look beautiful. When looking for the ideal hand cream, what you need the hand cream for is particularly important. If your skin is dry and cracked, you need a rich cream. But there are also hand creams that are especially suitable for aging hands and that declare war on small wrinkles and the first pigment spots.

Our criteria for the hand cream test

We went in search of the best hand creams for your skin needs and assessed them according to certain criteria. Above all, it was important to us that the right ingredients were included, that it was easy to use, that the cream was absorbed quickly and that the skin felt good. Particularly important in our comparison is the result of how long the cream works and whether it can keep its promise.

The criteria summarized again:

  • Special ingredients
  • use
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Good feeling on the skin
  • Odor test
  • Helps with problem
  • Long lasting result
  • Customer ratings

The test winner according to Stiftung Warentest

Stiftung Warentest regularly searches for the best of the best on the basis of extensive analyzes. When it comes to hand care, too, they have made it their business to filter out the best hand cream – with success. Because the Hemp Hard-Working Hand Protector hand cream from The Body Shop made it to number one at Stiftung Warentest. she maintains the skin is very good and therefore is above all suitable for dry hands in winter. In addition, according to the test, it leaves behind good skin feel and is free from the critical fragrance Lilialwhich could possibly impair reproductive abilities. Only in the point of application does the product achieve a grade of 3.1 – i.e. satisfactory – because the Cream does not absorb so quickly.

Special ingredients: Hemp seed oil for the regeneration of the skin

Use: Cream is economical, so you don’t need much

Absorbs quickly: no

Good feeling on the skin: Yes, very smooth

Odor test: Due to the oil it contains, the cream smells slightly of hemp

Helps with problem: Yes, hands feel softer

Long-lasting result: Yes, even after washing your hands

Customer Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Our winner in the hand cream test

We also looked around for the best hand creams and rated them according to the same criteria. the L’Occitane Karité promises your hands using the includedTo protect shea butter from drying out . It also ensures that your Improved skin texture and the Blood circulation stimulated which in turn has a positive effect on your skin aging, which is slowed down as a result. Another plus point that convinced us in the hand cream test is its size, because at 30 ml it fits perfectly in small and large handbags and is still very economical. After you put a small amount of the cream on your hands, rub it in for about two minutes so that it becomes creamy and easy to spread. Then you have baby-soft skin!

Special ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, honey extract, flaxseed extract, marshmallow root extract

Use: Rub a small amount for 2 minutes and massage into the skin

Absorbs quickly: Quite fast

Good feeling on the skin: Yes

Odor test: Very pleasant, not intrusive

Helps with problem: Yes, care can be felt immediately

Long-lasting result: Yes, applying it in the morning and in the evening is enough

Customer Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars

The hand care for aging hands

Lifting effect with a hand cream? No problem, because your hands can look younger again with the right care. If you are struggling with the first signs of aging, including pigment spots, then this is it Vinolift Firming Hand Cream by M. Asam perfect for you guys. As its name suggests, it takes care of maintaining the firmness of your hands, but also helps with pigment spots. This is ensured by the highly concentrated vitamin B3 it contains. The oils, including argan oil and macadamia nut oil, help restore your hands smooth close. The interaction of these ingredients makes your Skin elasticity increased, the Protective barrier built and one Prevents moisture loss. Passed the test!

Special ingredients: Vitamin B3, macadamia nut and argan oil

Use: Spread a small amount on your hands and massage in

Absorbs quickly: Yes

Good feeling on the skin: Yes

Odor test: Subtle, very pleasant

Helps with problem: Yes, wrinkles will be less

Long-lasting result: Yes

Customer Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars

For sensitive skin with a lot of care

Sensitive skin needs a lot of care when it comes to care. It’s best to use a hand cream that unscented is like that of Neutrogena. she relieves the pain of small cracks caused by dryness in the skin by glycerin and make your hands noticeably smoother. Thanks to the lack of fragrances, which are often found in care products, your Skin not irritated and can concentrate fully on processing the nourishing substances. According to information, the Neutrogena hand cream is designed for approx. 200 applications, because a small amount is enough to apply cream to your hands.

Special ingredients: glycerin

Use: A small amount makes your hands tender

Absorbs quickly: Yes

Good feeling on the skin: Yeah, not greasy

Odor test: None

Helps with problem: Yes, rough and cracked hands will become smooth

Long-lasting result: Yes, with regular use

Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Skin and nail care

Not only the skin deserves adequate care, but also the nails. Most creams are suitable for both, but there are products that are specially designed to meet these needs. One of them is the Hand & nail cream from Kamill. With ingredients like natural chamomile, aloe vera and avocado oil you have a rich care that intensive moisture promises and is therefore a must for dry skin. The hand cream also scores well at Stiftung Warentest with a rating of 2.1 and, with its price of a maximum of 2 euros, is well below that of the test winner, who is only slightly ahead of the product from Kamill with a rating of 1.9. When it comes to application, Kamill is even clearly ahead with a grade of 1.9.

Special ingredients: Natural chamomile, aloe vera, avocado oil

Use: Spread the cream on the hand and nails and massage in gently

Absorbs quickly: Yes

Good feeling on the skin: Yes

Odor test: Enjoyable

Helps with problem: Yes, the skin and nails look nourished

Long-lasting result: Yes, with regular use

Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Vegan hand cream

If you like it vegan, we can help too. Because after the attitude towards more environmentally friendly food and cosmetics has already changed massively, one brand in particular is currently celebrating great success. Jean & Len makes everything your skin and hair needs, in vegan form. For a price of just under 3 euros you can get one Hand creamwith hyaluronic acid, glycerine, sunflower oil and cupuacu butter – and without silicones and parabens. The hand cream already convinced us here in the test. The product from Germany holds your skin fresh and tender without a greasy film to leave behind. The included Rose extract not only conjures up a beautiful scent on your skin, but also serves another purpose as this Antibacterial and moisturizing extracts works. Nothing stands in the way of beautiful hands!

Special ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, glycerine, sunflower oil, cupuacu butter, rose extract

Use: A small amount is enough to take care of your hands

Absorbs quickly: Yes

Good feeling on the skin: Yes

Odor test: Pleasant rose scent, not intrusive

Helps with problem: Yes, makes you supple without being greasy

Long-lasting result: Yes, with regular use

Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Hand cream for neurodermatitis

Skin diseases such as neurodermatitis require a special kind of care, as many things are too irritating. the AtopiControl Intensive Hand Cream from Eucerin promises intensive care for very dry skin and those suffering from neurodermatitis. The cream nourishes, regenerates and prevents redness and itching. An oil-water base favors the properties “Quickly absorbed” and “non-greasy”, the ingredients speak for the hand cream: Licochalcone A is an extract from liquorice root that the Skin soothes, Ceramides help you Preservation of the skin barrier and menthoxypropanediol helps relieve itching with one cooling effect. Since it contains oatmeal to help heal injuries, you should avoid the hand cream if you are allergic to it.

Special ingredients: Licorice root extract, Licochalcone A, Ceramide, Menthoxypropanediol

Use: Use 1 – 2 times a day on cleansed skin

Absorbs quickly: Quite fast

Good feeling on the skin: Yes, does not burn

Odor test: inconspicuous as the cream is not perfumed

Helps with problem: Yes, brings immediate relief

Long-lasting result: With regular use

Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Hand care – this is how it works

Proper hand care is important if you want your hands to look like adverts. It is not difficult or time-consuming. The basis of good hand care are the right products, that don’t irritate your skin. One Soap with a nourishing and at the same time cleansing effect as the antibacterial hand wash gel from asambeauty is already the first step. The gel helps to remove bacteria and, thanks to the panthenol and allantoin, at the same time protect the skin from drying out.

Once you have washed your hands, all you need to do is take care of it with a hand cream, which you can – for a wellness effect – massaged into the skin. That not only ensures that the Ingredients incorporated but also for very relaxed hands. And the hand care is done. If you want even more spa feeling, then catch up oil for the cuticleso that it can also regenerate.

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