Hannelore Elsner: Your son has her wardrobe auctioned

Hannelore Elsner
Her son has her wardrobe auctioned

One of her last appearances in Munich at the end of February 2019: Hannelore Elsner.

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Film star Hannelore Elsner appeared in a floral design and black at events and red carpets. Now her wardrobe is being auctioned.

Actress Hannelore Elsner (1942-2019) always appeared stylish and strikingly dressed at premieres and other events. Your wardrobe is now to be auctioned. Your son fulfills his mother’s one last wish. “My mother had an incredible feeling for design, elegance and beauty”, explains Dominik Elstner to the magazine “Bunte”. “That is why it was very important to her that the clothes do not disappear in the old clothes container, but that they are carried on – so that Hannelore remains present.”

The auction will be carried out by the Neumeister auction house in Munich. “It was Hannelore Elsner’s request to her son that her clothes live on after her death and that it should delight many women,” confirms Katrin Stoll, managing partner of the auction house, to the magazine.

The award-winning Bavarian actress Hannelore Elsner died on April 21, 2019 at the age of 76 from complications from cancer.