Haptic learner: this is the best way to learn!

Haptic learner type
This is the best way to learn!

Haptic learner type: woman sits at a desk and works

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A haptic learner needs movement and touch when learning. You can find out here how you can learn faster and more effectively with this learner type.

When haptic learner type It is important to you to touch and touch while learning. You are not the type of learner who learns by listening or looking. Your sense of touch helps you to grasp and internalize learning content faster. Therefore, you should use your hands and movements while learning.

Haptic learner: do you count?

People who belong to the haptic learner type, like to be physically active. They also love to work fine motor skills. For example, when painting watercolor, sewing, tinkering jewelry, puzzles or hand lettering. In doing so, they pay close attention to the external nature of objects: Whether the calendar is matt, glossy or ribbed would be very important for haptically sensitive people. In addition to the haptic learner type, there is also the visual, motor and auditory learner types.

If you've identified yourself as a haptic learner, you should join the following three learning tips hold. They support you in creating content of all kinds to internalize faster and learn. Whether you are learning to cook, practicing painting or want to learn a new language – everything is faster and easier if you use the right learning technique for you.

Learning tip 1: learning through analog methods

When you learn something that you Have to take notes, you should rather distance yourself from digital methods. Taking notes on the laptop is very convenient. And here too, of course, you have to use your fingers to write sentences. As a haptic learner that would be handwritten note but a little more valuable.

Your fingers are challenged a little more and you can also swipe over the paper while learning or tap on a single word to internalize the content even more.

By the way: Scientists have found that you can increase your productivity if you use your pen and notepad more often. Another reason to close the laptop more often!

Learning tip 2: grab it!

You learn particularly well and quickly when you have a couple Include itemsthat you can touch. For example flash cards, notebooks, notepads, color markers. When it comes to memorizing, for example a foreign language, it also helps to be certain Writing down words over and over again.

Don't forget: just hearing words is not enough for your learner type. You need the new ones Information with an activitylink – Writing down important information more often works wonders.

Learning tip 3: learning through movement

If you want to learn something new, it can also help certain hand movements close. This supports your learner's ability to concentrate and promotes your focus. For example, if you have to remember five different points or an exact order, you use your fingers for this.

At # 1 your thumb moves, at # 2 you stick out your index finger, and so on. Again you link an action, in this case Gestures, with information and can thus learn better.

Give these three tips a try and see if they can help you learn. You know: Testing is above studying!

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