Harley Quinn, the Joker, Peacemaker, King Shark… The Suicide Squad returns in a new form!

Harley Quinn and her band of anti-heroes come alive for the creators of “Attack on Titan”! The anime “Suicide Squad Isekai” unveils its new trailer and it’s promising…

Warner Bros.

What if the future of the Suicide Squad was not in cinema… but in anime? After the critical failure of the first film and the box office failure of the second feature film, DC executives decided to deploy the team led by Harley Quinn in the world of Japanese animation. And it is to acclaimed artists of the genre who have been entrusted with relaunching the franchise, with the Suicide Squad Isekai series.

When DC meets WIT Studio

The original animated series, announced last July during Anime Expo 2023, is finally revealed. Produced in collaboration with WIT Studio – to whom we notably owe the first three seasons of Attack on Titan and SPY x FAMILY –, it promises adventure, action and epic clashes with different types of creatures from a strange world…

The trailer introduces Harley Quinn and the rest of the fan-favorite team of anti-heroes and villains as they find themselves transported from Gotham to another fantasy world on a dangerous mission – the term Isekai indeed means “other world” in French and is a subgenre of manga in which a hero or group of heroes is sent to a new world foreign to their own.

Check out the trailer (in original version with English subtitles) below:

In the anime, we will be able to find iconic villains from the DC universe such as Harley Quinn obviously, but also the Joker, Peacemaker, Deadshot, Clayface in English) or even King Shark, aka Nanaue, the son of a shark god.

Harley Quinn, The Joker and DC’s The Suicide Squad take the Isekai stage in Warner Bros.’ new original animated series. Japan and Wit Studio, Suicide Squad Isekai”, we can read in the synopsis of the upcoming series. “The craziest worlds collide in an epic and violent fantasy from the greatest selection of anime creators!

The show is created by Tappei Nagatsuki and Eiji Umehara, while the character designs are by Naoto Hosoda.

Suicide Squad Isekai is expected to debut on the small screen sometime in 2024.

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