Harrison Ford: Hollywood size was almost killed by "Star Trek" star


Harrison Ford (77) was obviously very lucky: in 1994 the "Star Wars" star would have been run over by a fellow actor.

Garrett Wang (51), who became known as Harry Kim in "Star Trek: Spaceship Voyager", was driving his car across the parking lot at Paramount Studios. Wang was too late for an audition, Wang recalled in his podcast "The Delta Flyers" in conversation with "Voyager" colleague Robert Duncan McNeill (55). A man suddenly ran behind a curve between two cars in front of his. Wang had to apply the brakes so as not to run over "this guy in a suit".


"I almost killed Han Solo"

"The looks of me and the guy in the suit meet – and it's Harrison Ford!" Wang was completely shocked, "I just think: 'Oh my god, I almost killed Han Solo!' Nerds all over the world hated me. " Only later did he learn why Harrison Ford was on the set. He read in a magazine that Ford had been there to screen "The Cartel." "He could have been a cripple because of me," said Wang.