Harrison Ford, Wu-Tang and Valentine’s Day

The month of February is placed every year under the sign of Valentine’s Day, but the novelties in the catalog are not really related to love. However, we will be able to find Harrison Ford, (re) discover the Wu-Tang Clan and much more.

Source: Disney+

If February is Valentine’s Day, it’s not just love this month on Disney+. The SVoD service has unveiled its program for next month and the application will be full of films and series.

As a reminder, it is possible to subscribe to Disney + alone (8.99 euros per month) or in the Canal + subscription.

The series coming to Disney+ in February

Wu-Tang: An American Saga

Inspired by books The Wu-Tang Manual and The Tao of Wu, the series looks back on the history of the Wu-Tang Clan and more particularly the creation of the hip-hop group. We find ourselves in a dark New York, plagued by addiction to crack, between crime and music. What (re) discover the meeting of a dozen young black Americans thanks to RZA.

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Web of Death

If you devoured Don’t f**k with cats on Netflix, you might get addicted to Web of Death. This miniseries follows amateur sleuths looking to solve murder cases. Their weapon: the Internet. Thanks to online research and collective intelligence, some are able to truly investigate in North America.

Web of Death // Source: Disney+

Anatomy of a Divorce

A divorce can also be synonymous with love and this is what this new series to watch on Disney+ tells in February. A Manhattan employee, Toby Fleishman separated a few months ago from his wife Rachel and shares custody of her children with her. But one day, his ex-wife disappears without a trace: while Toby tries to rebuild his life, to balance work and personal life, he must do some introspective work to understand what happened to Rachel.

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  • February 1st :
    • philadelphia (seasons 8–15)
    • Chiefs vs. Wild
    • All in heart
    • We are now (seasons 1–3)
    • Cool Attitude: Even cooler (season 2)
    • lineage of predators (season 1)
  • February 8:
    • Destination Wild: Central America (season 1)
  • February 15:
    • Wu-Tang: An American Saga
    • Death on campus
    • To the Root: Hair Stories
    • Where is Private Dulaney?
    • Prime Time
    • Mila in the multiverse
    • Place your bets
    • Mira, Royal Detective (seasons 1 and 2)
  • February 22:
    • Anatomy of a Divorce
    • 911 (season 5)
    • Web of Death
    • revenge through love
    • The baritone club
    • Africa: To life, to death (season 4)

Movies Coming to Disney+ in February

The forest’s call

Released in 2020, The forest’s call is an adventure film directed by Jack London and Michael Green, starring Harrison Ford and Omar Sy. We follow the journey of Buck, a dog from California who finds himself in the Canadian Yukon to become a sled dog. Throughout the film, he will have to adapt to his new environment and make his place.

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Darby and the Dead

Darby Harper (played by Riele Downs) is a college student who works alongside class as a spiritual messenger. After escaping death as a child, she can now see dead people. She therefore helps the spirits to settle their affairs before leaving for the great journey. What will change her life once again is the death of Capri, the popular high school girl, who dies in a domestic accident. She asks Darby to help her organize her birthday party with her friends.

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  • January 27:
  • February 8:
  • February 10:
    • Welcome to Doug’s: Carl’s Date Night
  • February 17:
    • The prey of a shadow
    • J-Hop in the Box
  • February 24:
    • The forest’s call
    • Putin & Zelensky: two men at war
    • Bruises to the soul
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