Harry and Meghan humiliated on official Windsor website

On the official website of the British royal family, the Sussexes have been demoted to the last place, just before Prince Andrew.

By Marc Fourny

William, Meghan, Harry and Kate at the funeral of Elizabeth II.
William, Meghan, Harry and Kate at the funeral of Elizabeth II.

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Lhe disgrace never ends for the Sussexes… Barely the last blessings pronounced on the coffin of Queen Elizabeth, Harry and Meghan were officially demoted on the official Windsor website. As noted by the Telegram, their profiles are now found at the bottom of the page, behind the Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra, second knives of the Windsors, and just before Andrew, the pariah of the family, whose image is definitely tarnished by his acquaintances with Jeffrey Epstein . We can imagine the face of the feminist Meghan, who now finds herself side by side on the official site with a prince who was recently prosecuted for sexual abuse of minors…

the DailyMail specifies that until then, the Sussexes were better highlighted: they were behind the first circle, namely Charles, William, Edward and Princess Anne, but just above the minor members of the family, which allowed them to keep up appearances and their image. Here is now the couple positioned at the back of the pack, the last wheel of the royal carriage, even though Harry remains fifth in the order of succession to the throne, very far ahead of Princess Alexandra of Kent, 56e in the succession, yet placed just before him…

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Charles III without qualms

If Elizabeth had been somewhat conciliatory by avoiding the Sussexes the table of dishonor on the family site, it is necessary to believe that Charles III has fewer feelings, even for his own son. We know that he wants to promote a more modern monarchy, less expensive and refocused on the first ranks of the active family, that is to say in the service of the monarchy. This is no longer the case for Harry and Meghan, who automatically deviated from their royal obligations when they chose to build their lives in Los Angeles. They would have liked to keep a few missions, but Queen Elizabeth was clear: “Either you stay or you go”, she told them in substance, leaving the door always open for a possible return.

Charles III remains on the same position: clarity, firmness, with a touch of benevolence as we have seen for the funeral of Elizabeth II. Far from being publicly humiliated, the Sussexes attended official ceremonies according to their rank, just behind William and Kate, and the family even made a few gestures of peace, such as this invitation to appear with the Cambridges in front of the castle of Windsor, suddenly giving an image of unity. Charles had also had a word for the exiles by renewing his “love” for them during his first official address.

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Harry’s remorse

But the Windsors are always on their guard: they know Meghan’s temper and Harry’s passions too well to trust them completely. It is certain that Charles and William will pay very close attention to the next productions of the Sussexes to see which foot to dance on. Meghan will be resuming her podcast on Spotify – conversations with guests – and Harry is due to release his rumored explosive autobiography in November. Does he have remorse after his grandmother’s death and just before his father’s coronation?

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According to the latest news, according to the DailyMail, he would now seek to soften certain chapters deemed too aggressive towards the family … But his publisher Penguin Random House, which would have spent 20 million dollars in the case, will not be satisfied with a few crumbs. Here’s Harry up against the wall, because it’s clear that another destructive salvo against the Windsors will only accentuate the final disgrace. With the risk of a complete expulsion from the official crown website…

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