Harry and Meghan Markle soon stripped of their royal titles? Diana’s ex-butler gets loose

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Guest of the Talk TV show, Paul Burrel, Diana’s ex-butler, spoke without filter about Harry and Meghan Markle. “They will have to suffer reprisals from King Charles III,” he warns.

Harry and Meghan Markle soon stripped of their royal titles? In any case, this is the sentence demanded by Paul Burrel, the former butler of Princess Diana, on the set of the Talk TV show. Since the release of the trailer for the documentary series Harry & Meghan on netflix, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in the crosshairs of the royal family of England. Indeed, the extracts revealed were perceived by many as an attack against the royal entourage, but also against Prince William and King Charles III.

From the point of view of the former adviser to the court, now 64 years old, Harry and Meghan Markle must therefore be prepared to suffer reprisals from the King of England. Speaking to Piers Morgan, Paul Burrel explained that if Lady Diana would have been proud to see her son wanting to protect his family, she would not have appreciated the marketing implemented through this project. The latter is less tender in addition, claiming that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex see their royal titles be suspended. “They don’t want to be royals, so why should they trade in royal titles?”he points out.

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Paul Burrel: “Harry crossed a line”

Witness to the memory of the one we nicknamed Lady Dthe butler told how proud the princess was to have her sons join the royal family. “She always thought Harry’s role was to be William’s ally. He had to be there for him on the way to the monarchy”, confides Paul Burrel. Fate willed otherwise. The one who was also one of Prince Harry’s defenders considers that the latter has “crossed a line” with the publication of this documentary series.

The first three episodes of the program Harry & Meghan will be broadcast on netflix from December 8, 2022, three months to the day after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The American platform indicated that the series traces the history of the couple of Harry and Meghan Markle, from their meeting to the events that led to their taking a step back from the royal family. A production of 88 million pounds sterling broadcast in two parts of three episodes each which promises its share of twists and turns. There is no doubt that Buckingham will follow this soap opera with attention.

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