Harry and Meghan on the verge of divorce? This new shock testimony subject to caution

A royal family member who knew Princess Diana well has made some stunning claims about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding…

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married 5 years ago
  • Rumors assure that their couple is floundering
  • A relative of the royal family assures that Prince Harry is only staying for his children

Soon a royal divorce? This is the question that many people seem to be asking as rumors of a possible separation between Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle continue to swell. Recently it is the testimony of Paul Burrell, taken up by Sky News Australia, which added fuel to the fire. The former butler of Princess Diana, who would have maintained a certain link with Prince Harry and Prince William according to Sky News Australia, has thus declared that if Prince Harry does not divorce Meghan Markle, it is to stay with their children. According to Paul Burrell, the Duke of Sussex wants to be present to see Archie and Lilibet grow upand that’s why he would always be in Montecito with his family.

These statements, however, are to be taken with tweezers, for the simple and good reason that the relationship between Paul Burrell and Prince Harry is not looking good. Although he was Lady Diana’s butler until her death, Paul Burrell later became known for the books he wrote about the royal family. And in his memoirs The Substitute (Spare)Prince Harry does not fail to give his opinion on this practice, stressing that Paul Burrell uses his memories to enrich himself by revealing certain information that is a little too personal. It may therefore be hard to believe that Prince Harry is not only still in contact with Paul Burrell, but that he also confided in him about his private life.

Prince Harry prefers a hotel to his villa?

Still, it does not take more to fuel the rumors, especially since the couple from Sussex have not been seen together for some time. Recently and as pointed out by the DailyMail, Meghan Markle appears more alone than accompanied by her husbandand the Telegram even went so far as to say that the youngest son of Charles III would currently rent a hotel room next to Montecito. So it remains to be seen what is the truth in all these rumors that will continue to circulate until the next public appearance of the couple…

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