Harry and Meghan: They are no longer allowed to adorn themselves with these titles

Harry and Meghan
They can no longer adorn themselves with these titles

Meghan and Harry distance themselves more and more from the Royal Family.

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Harry and Meghan will not return as active members of the royal family. With that they are also rid of many offices and titles.

The final withdrawal of Harry (36) and Meghan (39) from royal duties is sealed. With that they also lose a lot of honorary military posts and royal patronage, which are now probably divided among the other working senior royals. Harry's aunt Princess Anne (70), who is already associated with 65 military organizations, is taking over his role in the Royal Marines as the first female captain general. Harry is also losing his roles as Honorary Commander of the Air Force and Honorary Commander in Chief of the Royal Navy.

With the final exit, Harry and Meghan are no longer President and Vice-President of "The Queen's Commonwealth Trust". Meghan also loses patronage for the "National Theater" and the "Association of Commonwealth Universities".

Some patrons remain vacant

Some of the patrons could not be filled because there were not enough royals to take over after Brexit, reports the Daily Mail, citing experts. For example, there are few options for Harry's patronage over the Rugby Football Union and the Rugby Football League. Because Harry's brother, Prince William (38), is already the patron of the Welsh Rugby Union, while Princess Anne has the same role for the Scottish organization.

These roles keep the Sussex '

The Duke couple of Sussex, on the other hand, remain closely connected with the children's aid organization "Wellchild" and the "The Invictus Foundation" founded by Harry for soldiers and veterans. The same applies in Meghan's case to the animal welfare organization "Mayhew" and the women's aid organization "Smart Works".

"Megxit" is final

Until recently, many fans of the British royal family had hoped that the "Megxit" could only be a temporary event. But after the statement from Buckingham Palace on Friday noon, it is finally clear: Harry and Meghan will forever resign from their royal duties – with all the consequences. This has now also been confirmed by a spokesman for the two in a short message, as reported by the British broadcaster BBC.

Harry and Meghan have been married since spring 2018. In spring 2020 they moved to California, USA with their son Archie (1). On Valentine's Day, the couple announced that they were expecting a second child.