Harry Styles in Copenhagen during the shooting: he is devastated and shocked

Denmark is plunged into horror and mourning after the shooting which took place on Sunday July 3, 2022 at the end of the afternoon in the capital, Copenhagen. Three people were killed, several people were injured and among them, four are in critical condition. A suspect, Søren Thomassen, was quickly arrested, a young man of 22 whose motives are not yet known. The killing occurred at the end of the afternoon, causing a movement of panic. Many visitors were there before a concert by the British star Harry Styles in a large adjoining room. At first, the event was to continue, then it was canceled after many criticisms, indicates the DailyMail.

A crisis unit was triggered, according to the mayor of Copenhagen Sophie Haestorp Andersen, as well as a psychological care center. “My girls had to go see Harry Styles. They called me to say someone was shooting. They were in a restaurant when it happened”, told AFP Hans Christian Stolz, a 53-year-old Swede who came to pick up his children there. “We thought at first that it was people who were running because they had seen Harry Styles, then we understood that it was people in panic (…) We ran for our life“, adds his daughter, Cassandra.

On Twitter, Harry Styles, in full tour, published a message to express his pain and his support for the inhabitants: “I’m heartbroken like everyone in Copenhagen. I love this city. The people are so warm and full of love. I am devastated for the victims, their families and all injured. I’m sorry we can’t be together. Please take care of each other. H

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