HaselHerz: GALA tests the hazelnut cream from “Die Höhle der Löwen”

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Hazel heart nut and nougat spread in the GALA test

Ebru Erkunt, founder of HaselHerz

© TVNOW Bernd-Michael Maurer

The intrinsic values ​​of this hazelnut cream should also convince investors: “HaselHerz” got a deal with “Die Höhle der Löwen”. GALA has tested the product.

Hand on (hazel) heart: Who loves delicious chocolate hazelnut spread? For many people, the cream is a real childhood memory and even a comforter for the soul. But so far we have all too often had a guilty conscience: unhealthy thanks to bad ingredients: sugar, sugar, sugar – and lots of palm fat. The conscience just doesn’t like that.

HaselHerz: Food highlight in “The Lion’s Den”

All the better that there should be a solution to this culinary question of conscience. Organic, without refined sugar, without palm oil, only with natural ingredients and without gluten – that is the promise of “HaselHerz”, a fair hazelnut cream without a long list of ingredients, and also available in a vegan version. In the evening, the founder faces the judgment of the investors of “Die Höhle der Löwen”.

But how did it happen? “On every summer vacation in Turkey, my parents’ home country, I was inspired by my favorite nut spread, which I then adapted to suit the German palate. It was clear to me from the start that I would create a cream that did not contain palm oil or white sugar This is how my heart project HaselHerz came about, “explains founder Ebru Erkunt.

And the Lions tasted this product fantastic too – the deal with the investor was made Ralf Dümmel. “What a goosebumps moment. Ebru has been fighting for many years to be allowed to pitch her product at ‘Die Höhle der Löwen’ (…). With HaselHerz she was able to convince me immediately! SO DELICIOUS – I’m so happy, that I can accompany Ebru on her further journey, “he explains.

Ebru Erkunt, Ralf Dümmel

Ebru Erkunt, Ralf Dümmel

© TVNOW Bernd-Michael Maurer

HaselHerz in the GALA test

I, Jenna, lifestyle editor at GALA.de, love to start the day sweetly. Breakfast should include some jam and honey – at least on weekends. However, the conventional nut and nougat spreads do not make it to the brunch table. Not only the sugar and palm fat bothers me, but also the heavy feeling in my stomach. The vegan version of Hazel heart I was already impressed when I opened the glass: In addition to the chocolate note, the fine smell of coconut blossom sugar flows directly towards you. The taste ends up at the top of a scale from 1 to 10 for me! Delicious, chocolaty with the right sweetness. My insider tip: Place the jar in a hot water bath so that the cream becomes liquid. Then drizzle over warm nut snails – but be careful: guaranteed to be addicting.

HazelHerz organic nut nougat cream

HazelHerz organic nut nougat cream

© Gala / Jenifer Nadolski

I, Lara, editor at GALA.de, love chocolate spread, but out of a guilty conscience, I have banned it from my kitchen cupboard (and shopping cart) for years. Attempts to make a cream yourself failed. Somehow the consistency didn’t work or the spread moldy in the refrigerator after a few days. HaselHerz fully convinced me: whether on Sunday rolls, in a cake or with waffles: it always tastes heavenly.

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