Hats & Co .: The most stylish winter accessories for every face shape

"Well, somehow I can't wear hats!" Many of us have said this sentence before, haven't we? The only problem is that we don't even know which type of hat or headband shape suits us. We have looked at the different face shapes and tell you which winter accessory is guaranteed to suit you!

Heart-shaped, round, angular or oval: every face has a different shape – so headgear looks different on everyone. The right accessory can flatter our head and face shape, for example stretch it or give it more structure. With these tips everyone will find their perfect headgear and be well-equipped for the cold season in terms of style.

Round faces

Many round-faced fashion girls want to stretch their face optically. This works best with large, distinctive headgear. The balloon cap – also known as the baker boy hat – is super stylish and totally trendy anyway. She gives every look absolute fashionista vibes. The hat conjures up more volume on the top of the head and the face looks stretched. Extra tip: We now wear balloon caps at a slight angle, because the asymmetry breaks with the round shape of the face. If you like things more simple, you can use long-cut beanies. The round faces are also flattering. On the other hand, fashion girls with round faces should avoid wearing very tight-fitting caps and flat hats. The face looks too compressed.

The heart shape

Heart-shaped faces usually have a dominant forehead and a pointed chin. The cheek area is usually very narrow and the cheekbones are prominent. Hats that reach over the ears are super cool with heart-shaped faces – this balances out the dominant forehead. We also find hats and caps that fit loosely particularly cool.

Heart-shaped faces in particular should avoid tight hats. The forehead becomes visually wider and no longer appears proportional to the rest of the face. We also use subtle tones for the colors. This doesn't put the focus too much on the forehead.

Oval faces

The lucky ones of face shapes. The proportions and facial features are naturally balanced, that is, the oval shape suits all types of hats! So we use a wide range of stylish headgear and combine all types of hats according to our mood. Cool skin types can then wear cold colors like blue, gray, and mint. Warm skin tones suit warm colors like brown, orange and gold tones.

The angular face shape

As the name suggests, people with angular faces have very distinctive features. The cheekbones are also very pronounced in this shape. In order to be able to compensate for the angular features, we prefer to wear round hats – we especially like the voluminous beret and conjure up French elegance in our look in no time at all. But also coarsely knitted beanies flatter the distinctive features perfectly. A little style twist: If you have angular facial features but simply don't like hats, headbands are super easy to use. We also love these in all shapes and colors.

What we love most about fashion: There are no rules and we can wear whatever we want, because only the large variety of fashion pieces and the individuality of each style make the fashion world so special, right?