Haute-Savoie: the bodies of two babies found in a suitcase on New Year’s Day

The discovery took place on Sunday 1er January in a family home, after an alarming call from the mother for help.

The bodies of two babies were found in Rumilly (Haute-Savoie), west of Annecy, by the gendarmes, at the home of a woman who had contacted them by reporting suicidal intentions and who was hospitalized . A judicial inquiry was opened on Friday.counts of murder of a minor under the age of 15“, announced the parquet floor of Annecy in a press release at the beginning of the afternoon.

The discovery had taken place a few days earlier, Sunday January 1, at the start of the afternoon, the same source explained, confirming the first information given by The Dauphine Libere who revealed the affair.

During the call to 17, the young woman, aged 35, said “have the bodies of two dead babies at home“, explained the prosecutor Line Bonnet. On the indications of the thirty-year-old, the gendarmes, arrived on the spot, find “two corpses swaddled in a suitcase“. “Given his state of health, this person was hospitalized under duress. She is still hospitalized to this day and could not be heard by investigators.“, specified the prosecutor.

The autopsy, carried out on Wednesday in Grenoble, did not make it possible to determine the date and the cause of death, and additional analyzes are in progress. “The presence of an umbilical cord on one of the two bodies, however, suggests that it was a newborn“, according to the prosecution.

The young woman lived as a couple with two children born in 2020 and 2021. Her companion since 2019, who had been abroad since mid-December, was placed in police custody for receiving a corpse on Thursday upon his return to France, then released Friday shortly before noon, without any charges being brought against him. The couple’s two children have been placed on child welfare.

Neighbors ‘shocked’

In the neighborhood, the neighbors interviewed by AFP oscillated between shock and incomprehension. The family lived on the top floor of a well-maintained residence of four, surrounded by greenery and trees, and which is part of a complex within a residential estate. The seals were still present on the door of the couple’s apartment on Friday, reporting an intervention on January 1 for “aggravated intentional homicide“, noted AFP journalists.

We are sick, we are shocked“says a 56-year-old neighbor. According to her, the family concerned had arrived in the building about three years ago. “It’s a very good neighborhood, overnight we hear that, we were surprised“says another neighbour, Zine Hadjou, 75, who had never met the family. Alexia Tisserant, who walks with her infant in a stroller, felt a feeling of “horror” and of “stupefaction“:”fear, incomprehension, a little hatred“, says the young mother of 27 years. “I don’t understand“. The testimonies of the immediate neighbors seemed to describe a discreet woman. “I said hello, goodbye“says a 53-year-old neighbor, who describes a woman”normal“.

Rumilly, a town located in the natural park of the Bauges massif, has around 16,000 inhabitants. The investigations were entrusted to the Annecy research brigade and the Chambéry research section, with the support of the Annecy criminal identification unit.

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