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During the month of November 2022, the developers at Magic Design Studios had indicated that a new major update was going to arrive this winter on Have a Nice Death. This one, called “Executive Decisions”, is now available on PC. This is the last major update in early access, as the roguelite version 1.0 is scheduled for March 2023.

As announced, the “Executive Decisions” update brings many novelties on Have a Nice Death. To start with six new difficulty modes allowing players to configure their experience on the title. Additionally, this patch adds a new bossof new weapons and spells as well as two new quests. Not forgetting, of new progression systems and revised or new rooms.

But, without further ado, here is the complete patch notes and in French of the update “Executive Decisions” from Magic Design Studios and Gearbox Publishing’s roguelite, Have a Nice Death.

Have a Nice Death “Executive Decisions” Update

  • New difficulty modes : with 6 new difficulty levels, you can choose to start the adventure as a health walk or, on the contrary, put your will to the test; it’s up to you, you’re the boss after all!
    • Personal development : a difficulty mode for novices, which they can select in the Death, Inc. lobby after having succumbed for the first time. In this mode, players will start their game with three Animas (healing items), half of their max health will be restored after defeating a Blight, minions will be less dangerous, and Animas will heal more after each death.
    • Five new crisis levels : higher difficulties ranging from Crisis XI to XV, for players who like their challenges like their coffees: full-bodied. In the highest levels of crisis, it will be necessary to have the heart well hung, because changes will apply to the bosses (Plagues), and to the mini-bosses (Thanagers) which will have new attacks and abilities, while the minions will be more robust, that Death will have less HP at the start of the run, and many other modifiers.
  • New bosses : depending on your progress in the adventure, you may be “lucky” to encounter a new Scourge (boss) and a new Thanager (mini-boss)…
    • New Scourge – Barnabé Fierpeton : sometimes, Brad (the Scourge of the world 1) puts on his costume and works for real! If you see him, prepare for a tough fight, as he will launch new attacks that may take you by surprise!
    • New Secret Thanager : Rumor has it in the halls of Death, Inc., that a devoted and adorable employee has swallowed a mysterious fruit that has made him much less…cute. Will you be able to bring him back to his senses?
  • New content for the renovator – holiday decorations To infuse the Christmas spirit within Death, Inc., players will be able to customize the lobby and break room with seasonal decorations through the Renovator. To access these decorations, you will need to speak to Muriel of Reverence.
  • New weapons and spells : Death has even more deadly tools to add to its arsenal, thanks to four new spells, including “Skulls of Lyberis”, which allows you to summon a slew of miniature skulls, three new cloak weapons, such as the bow that shoots homing arrows, and a new scythe.
  • Revised or new rooms : the world of Death, Inc. has expanded with 50 new or updated rooms, containing new traps, tutorial items and rewards.
  • New quests : discover two new quests, including a time-limited one for the holiday season.
    • Limited Time Event – Secret Santa : From today until January 15, every employee of Death, Inc. will receive a gift, even Death! Once his gift is opened, Marcel will give him a prismium on his next visit.
    • Musical comedy : some staff members are preparing the company’s annual musical. For this edition, it is a version of “The Little Mermaid” performed by the best employees of Death, Inc.
  • New progression systems : they allow you to benefit from even more powers to decide how to move forward in the afterlife…
    • False start : at the start of a run, it will be possible to choose between two scythes, that of Death in its original form or a unique form selected at random.
    • Scythe Transformation : Thanks to the new upgrade system, the starting scythe can now be upgraded in three different ways.
    • Metaprogression : A new leveling system has been added to allow you to gain new bonuses, additional Animas, buffs and much more.
  • Gameplay improvements : Thanks to community feedback, we’ve added new animations for NPCs to better reflect their moods. We’ve also added the ability to skip boss cutscenes and the end of run screen to get players back into the action faster. Finally, the interface has been improved to display new features like the bullion indicator. Players with Have a Nice Death in early access can expect more content updates before the game is officially released. Further gameplay improvements based on their feedback will be added over time. The full version of the game will include all the deliciously macabre content from previous updates that players can already enjoy in the early access version. Plus, it’ll add a ton of new features, including a new world filled with enemies, mini-bosses, and bosses, as well as new narrative content that provides an epic conclusion to the main arc. Players will also be able to find new clues about who is responsible for the (mis)adventures of Death.

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