Have a Nice Death: Update June 9, all the details – Have a Nice Death

In March of this year, developers at Magic Design Studios released their roguelite, Have a Nice Death, into Early Access. Since then, they have been constantly working on updates to improve the gaming experience. In this regard, a new hotfix was recently deployed on Have a Nice Death.

So, on June 9, Have a Nice Death welcomed a brand new update. Here is the complete patch notes and in French.

Have a Nice Death June 9 Update

  • The visual effects of the coffee machine have been fixed in the break room.
  • The visual effects of secret rooms have been reworked.
  • Fixed sickle attack for multiple hits.
  • Fixed an issue causing the player to get stuck in the arena due to an enemy summoned outside the area.
  • Fixed an issue causing Focus spell effects to persist after a hit.
  • Entries have been added to the Employee Handbook.
  • Improved sound effects.
  • Localization update.

Also, be aware that the developers at Magic Design Studios had previously shared details about the major update coming this summer. Adding significant content, more information on this is already available.

As a reminder, Have a Nice Death is currently available in Early Access on PC, via the Steam platform.

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