“Have a serious look at it”: US does not classify Russia as a “terror supporter”.

“Have a look at it seriously”
US does not classify Russia as a “terrorist sponsor”.

The Ukrainian government is asking the US to put Russia on the list of states that support terrorism and to sanction it accordingly. After careful consideration, the US government rejects the request. The move could hurt Ukraine, the White House says.

The US does not want to classify Russia as a terror-supporting state. The Washington administration does not see this as the most effective way to hold Russia accountable, said National Security Council communications director John Kirby. “We looked at it seriously,” he said. The US government has examined the possible effects, also discussed it with external experts and has come to the conclusion that such a classification could be more of a hindrance – for example to the efforts of non-governmental organizations to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine.

Ultimately, such a classification could also hamper Ukraine’s role at the negotiating table if negotiations with Russia eventually come about, Kirby said. Therefore, the US government decided against such a step. “It was not dismissed lightly,” he stressed.

US President Joe Biden said no to reporters on Monday asking whether Russia should be classified accordingly. He didn’t go into detail about it. The Ukrainian government had called on the United States to take such a step. Latvia’s parliament recently classified Russia as a state that supports terrorism.

There are currently four countries on the United States’ list of states that support terrorism: Syria, Iran, North Korea and, since early 2021, Cuba. You have to reckon with corresponding sanctions – including in US development aid, arms exports and in the financial sector.

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