he confides in the refusals of adoption

The stand-up comedian is a father of two children, Vic and Tim, four-year-old twins, born to a surrogate mother. A battle that was not easy to fight, however, as he confides on France Inter.

In a relationship for seven years with his partner, Jarry dreamed of becoming a dad, so he turned to adoption. A long path strewn with pitfalls on which he wished to return within France Inter, January 15th. "Surrogacy requires above all to inform people about the reality of what is happening. For years I wanted to adopt in this country, I have always been reminded of my sexuality", he confides.

"You are homosexual so it will be children with particularities"

Quickly, he is made to understand that it will be difficult for him to adopt a child, because of his sexual orientation. He then decides to use a surrogate mother, a solution that he did not envision initially. “Before doing this surrogacy, I was against surrogacy. I was against using a woman but that's just my point of view. I never had, I had never bent over. I have for years wanted to adopt in this country, I have always been reminded of my sexuality, telling me: 'You are homosexual so it will be children with particularities' https://www.aufeminin.com / ", he confides. "And then after, go find an association that accepts that homosexuals adopt. I believe there are three countries that accept. "

Threatened with death every day for almost two years

A two-year long procedure in the United States which has earned him many critics of unheard-of violence. Today, he refuses to display the identity of the person who shares his life and those of his children, because he is "still threatened with death for a year and a half". On the show "It starts today", he revealed some examples of the atrocities he receives on a daily basis: “We will find you”, “We cannot let two children be sodomized by men” or “We're going to burn you”.

Faced with hatred, Jarry continues to fight. In 2021, it's high time to let others experience their sexuality as they see fit.

Good to know: Regardless of the family pattern, a child may very well be happy with a mom and dad as with two parents of the same sex. A little tolerance doesn't hurt.


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