he films the impressive birth of a baby still in his water pouch (video)


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An obstetrician gynecologist shared on video, on Instagram, an impressive birth, by cesarean section. The baby came out of his mother’s womb still locked in his bag of amniotic fluid.

It’s a exceptional and moving birth that the Argentine obstetrician gynecologist, Ignacio Perez Tomasone, shared on his Instagram account on November 15. As one of his patients was about to give birth, by Caesarean section, her baby emerged from her womb wrapped in her water pouch, still intact. An extremely rare case. The delivery took place at the Parmenio Piñero Hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

On the video, we can clearly see the baby curled up on himself, in the fetal position, his eyes closed with a small pout. To release it, the doctor gently pierces the amniotic sac, using a medical forceps. A painless act for the baby, which allows the newborn to emerge little by little and to emit his first tears. This cry is the baby’s first sign of life.

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An extremely rare birth

This birth is an extremely rare case, which bears a very particular name, that of “hairy baby”. In medical jargon, we also speak of birth called “under cephalic cap”. A phenomenon that would affect only one in 80,000 women worldwide, according to Sciences and the Future. And contrary to what one might imagine, a birth like this poses no risk to the child, if it is quickly brought under control by doctors. According to some beliefs, it would even be beneficial for the newborn. According to a legend, a cherub born with a cap would be very lucky in life. In the Middle Ages, this headdress was also the sign of future fortune for the child.

In 2019, a little boy born in his “bubble” was also born in Brazil. The photographer Jana Brasil had immortalized the event, the photos had been around the world.

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