He has to resign his mandate: Swedish right-wing populist sings “Foreigners out”

He must resign his mandate
Swedish right-wing populist sings “Foreigners out”

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After the EU elections, supporters of the right-wing populist Sweden Democrats celebrate to “L’amour toujours”. One of the party’s MPs sings “Foreigners out”. Now he is resigning. He says he picked up the lyrics on social media.

A Swedish MP from the right-wing populist Sweden Democrats has resigned after singing “Foreigners out” at an EU election party. The party announced this, according to the TT news agency.

At the event on Sunday evening, Swedish parliamentarian David Lång sang the anti-immigration lyrics to the party hit “L’amour toujours”. This can be heard on an audio recording from the Swedish newspaper “Expressen”. Recently, there have been repeated incidents in which racist slogans were sung to the Eurodance song by Gigi D’Agostino.

In Germany, a video caused a stir, showing young people in a bar on Sylt chanting “Germany for the Germans, foreigners out” to the song “Germany for the Germans, foreigners out”. In the audio recording from the Sweden Democrats’ election party after the EU elections, “L’amour toujours” can be heard in the background while the “Expressen” reporter interviews a member of the party.

The interview is interrupted by David Lång singing “Foreigners out, foreigners out”. Lång can then be heard saying “Oh shit” and asking if the reporter recorded it. The leader of the Sweden Democrats, Linda Lindberg, said, according to a statement from the party, that she had asked Lång to resign his mandate.

He said he had heard the song on social media. “Now I understand that the lyrics were sung in a context that I had no detailed knowledge of before,” Lang said, according to the statement. He was sorry if he had offended anyone.

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