“He hates me or what?” : Florent Pagny “aggressive” with Azucena, the awkward beginnings of their romance

For 30 years now, Florent Pagny make perfect love with his wife Azucena Caamano, a 55-year-old South American painter. It was in 1992 that the singer met him, when he was at his worst.

This woman when I meet her, I am in the hollow period of my career and my life and everyone around me knows what happened: I just spent three years with Vanessa Paradis, she left me, my friends too, I have tax problems that I’m running away from… Honestly, I’m at rock bottom“, he admitted in the broadcast The sofa with Marc-Olivier Fogiel in 2016.

The pretty brunette, she knew nothing of Florent Pagny and his stories. By his side, he was therefore able to afford a new start. “One day, we’re in the car, and she tells me ‘why does everyone say you’re dead? That you are finished?’. That’s what happened to me, I had three years of celebrities, I sold a few records but then I sold more. And we didn’t talk about me anymore because I was planted by my girlfriend than anything else. And at the same time, nobody knew the capacity that I could have to come back“, remembered the singer who ended up proposing”a deal“to his half.”Come on, let’s stay together and try to see if we can go up the slope together. And we pulled it off pretty well“, did he declare.

I’ve never been a good flirt

However, conquering Azucena was not an easy task for Florent Pagny. And for good reason, we cannot say that the coach of The Voice handled it in the best possible way. Contacted by the team of Couchshe had swung: “He always had an aggressive attitude with me at the beginning. I ask around me, ‘What’s happening to this one? Does he hate me or what?’. They answer me: ‘No, he’s trying to flirt with you!’. I understood that his aggressiveness was clumsiness. I found him then too cute with his aggressiveness.

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