He hit a person: truck driver convicted of attacks on Last Generation

He hit a person
Truck driver convicted of attacks on Last Generation

It’s one of many freakouts in last-generation protests: In Stralsund, a truck driver lost his nerve in the summer and pulled activists off the road, for which the court has now imposed a fine and a driving ban. However, the fact that the man hit a person will not be punished.

A truck driver is to pay a fine of 1,800 euros because of his reaction to a road blockade by the climate group Last Generation. The offense of attempted coercion was fulfilled because he pulled climate activists off the street in Stralsund in July – or tried to, said the judge. The verdict also stipulates a four-month driving ban. It is not yet legally binding.

However, the judge did not consider other accusations in the prosecution, such as attempted grievous bodily harm, to be proven. It has not been proven that the 41-year-old intentionally hit an activist with his truck. In case of doubt, the defendant must be judged. It was not clear whether the driver saw the activist in a special approach mirror or whether he even looked in the mirror.

During the trial, a video showed the driver stopping in front of the activists, getting out and pulling them off the road, or attempting to. He pushed a sitting activist over and threatened her with his fist. He then drove off again, briefly pushing an activist who had sat down on the street in front of him. Nobody got hurt. The defendant’s lawyer announced an appeal against the verdict.

The video of the incident caused heated debates on social media. Many people called for harsh punishment for the truck driver, but others showed understanding for his violent actions.

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