‘He is there but different’ testifies his wife


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While the documentary “Schumacher” is released on September 15 on Netflix, Corinna Schumacher has revealed new information on the state of health of her husband.

The same question comes up over and over again: How is he? Since his terrible skiing accident in 2013, very little information has been circulated on Michael Schumacher’s state of health. Lately, his friend Jean Todt claimed in the German press, the pilot had survived but “With consequences”. He was then optimistic, specifying that his condition was going “Slowly but surely improving”. Good news that reassured many fans of the former Formula 1 champion who are waiting for one thing, to know how he is.

On the occasion of the release of the documentary “Schumacher” on September 15 on Netflix, the Schumacher family agreed to confide while keeping certain elements private. If his wife Corinna does not dwell on the accident, nor on his current state of health, she has all the same made some confessions which allow us to know a little more about the daily life of the pilot. “Michael is here. He’s different, but he’s here ” she assures with great emotion, adding that he “Still shows him how strong he is every day”.


“He is undergoing treatment”

In December 2013, Michael Schumacher suffered a serious skiing accident. His head had banged against a rock which had caused a brain hemorrhage and had been life threatening. Now released from hospital after several months, he now lives with his family in Switzerland. “We are together, we live together at home. He is undergoing treatment. We do everything to improve his condition, to make sure he is comfortable and to make him feel our family, our bond “, informs Corinna Schumacher, before promising that she will do everything she can, “whatever happens”.

Yes “life goes on”, the pilot’s wife wishes to protect her husband as well as possible. “It is very important to me that he can continue to make the most of his privacy”.

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